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just stand by. we have a wonderful panel also joining us. you recognize this is bo dietl, arthur aidala, tamara holder, all attorneys. famous excop. have you been squeaking with law enforcement here. what have they shared with you. >>. again that sunday ways was all shot in the head and a lot of the spers up here are not speaking to any of the at the ae timivityives. kids went into one room and punch went in there. this 223 round. the velocity could go through three or fewer people. this guy was continually shooting and that's whyth body count was so high. kid had gone to the school. that's the only connection so far that i was able to find out. but to say anything about these kids being killed so many of them like that, this punk was emptying his gun, this folly imak gun you will see trace the owe ballistic gun goes up in the air. be able to see b.a. list particularly if eif it was fully automatic. >> before i talk to you legal stuff, arthur. i know you have a son in first grade as i have a daughter in first grade. what was the first thing you do when you hear about this? >> it's amazi
for the mentally ill. that will not end evil in the word. when people like my friend bo dietl and others say, look, the only way to stop a guy with a gun is with a gun, when they say that, i believe that. when the people who are for gun criminal say, there are more guns than people in this country, that has to change and when the president spoke eloquently about thises i believe him, too, these are social issues that cannot be pushed cornered our ability to see their implications. >>neil: fathers finally, when you talk to the flock, they are getting increasingly scared about their fellow man. they see this shooting. they see mall shooting a couple of weeks prior, and the shoot of in aurora at a movie theater. they see increasingly human beings turning on each other in violent ways. these could be exceptions to the human rule of decency but they are more punctuated and increasingly more common. what do you tell them? >>guest: i say that love wins in the end. it could be we see a great deal of evil because our focus is when the dog bites the man, that is the thing we are attracted to, to looking at,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)